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The Appen application is designed especially for children aged 3 to 6 years. It is certified by Dr. Rosanna Candon, an expert in early childhood education, who was involved in the selection of the content offered in this APP, so that it was adapted to the abilities of children. The selection of colouring pages, choice of stickers and the writing of letters of the alphabet, all meet the educational needs of preschool children.

How to play:

1 - Create your account based on your childs age <5 or> 5 years

2 - Draw and colour: Free your imagination by using many colours, pencils and crayons and playing with animated stickers!

3 - Learn: Learn to write the letters of the alphabet and learn how to count!

4 - Play: Use Appen as a joystick and make a Formula 1 car speed around a race track. For more fun, play with the Scratch and Guess game and discover what lies beneath the hidden image!


The games offer the ability to stimulate hand-eye coordination and attention. The product is designed to enhance fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and fantasy. Watching television is essentially passive activity for the child. The use of the tablet, however, allows maximum interaction between the child and the instrument of play. This interaction is immediate (without the interposition of a mouse or keyboard, as would happen with your computer), and you can differentiate the level based on the age or ability of the child.

The interaction with the tablet always generates learning, even when the child proceeds by trial and error, because it helps to understand the linkages between cause and effect. Of course, an educational use of the instrument assumes the presence of a parent to carefully select the content, maximum time of use (in order to vary activities and experiences), and to accompany the child in the early stages of the game.

The original app is called "Appendix". To ensure proper operation of the game be sure to only download the app with the Appen logo, as shown below.