Appen has been tested to check its strength and durability. The pen has been tested to operate for over 76,000 rounds of play. Each nib, included in the package, has been tested for over 38,000 game cycles.

The app is compatible with all iOS devices with an operating system of IOS 4.3 or higher, with a touch screen and a combined audio and microphone system, which are needed to activate the function of pressure sensitivity.

FOR iOS 7 USERS: Warning, if you have just installed iOS 7 and the app has stopped working, check this setting: -> Privacy -> Microphone -> APPen must be set to YES.

AppleiPad AirTabletdown
AppleiPad 3GTabletdown
AppleiPad 3GTabletdown
AppleiPad 2 WifiTabletdown
AppleiPad 3 WifiTabletdown
AppleiPad 4 WifiTabletdown
AppleiPad Mini WifiTabletdown
AppleiPad Mini 2 WifiTabletdown
AppleiPhone 3GSSmartphonedown
AppleiPhone 4Smartphonedown
AppleiPhone 4SSmartphonedown
AppleiPhone 5Smartphonedown
AppleiPhone 5SSmartphonedown
AppleiPhone 5CSmartphoneup & down
AppleiPod Touch 4MP3down
AppleiPod Touch 5MP3down

Check the below list of fully compatible devices which have been tested and certified: the app is compatible with most of devices with an operating system of ANDROID 4 (or higher), a touch screen and a combined audio and microphone system, which are needed to activate the function of pressure sensitivity. 

AcerIconia Tab A500 wifi*Tabletdown
AmazonKindle Fire HDTabletdown
AmazonKindle Fire HD 8.9Tabletdown
AmazonKindle Fire 2Tabletdown
AsusEee Pad Transformer TF101Tabletdown
AsusTransformer Pad Infinity 700 TF700TTabletdown
LGOptimus pad L7 - P7000Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1 N8000 - Galaxy Note 800Tabletdown
SamsungNexus 10 P8110Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 7.7 P6810Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 8.9 P7310Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1 P7510 / P7500Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6210Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3 10.1 P2210Tabletdown
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM T310Tabletdown
SamsungNote 8 gt n5100Tabletdown
SonyXperia Tablet Z SGP311 - SGP312 - C6907 - PolluxTabletdown
ToshibaAT300 - Excite 10 SETabletdown
AcerLiquid E1Smartphonedown
AcerCloudMobile S500Smartphonedown
AcerLiquid Glow E330Smartphonedown
HTCOne M7Smartphonedown
HTCOne X Supreme - S720eSmartphonedown
HTCOne S Ville - Z250ESmartphonedown
HTCOne V Primo - T320eSmartphonedown
HTCSensation - PyramidSmartphonedown
HTCSensation XE with Beats Audio Z715eSmartphonedown
HTCSensation XL Runnymede - PI39200Smartphonedown
HTCDesire 500Smartphonedown
HuaweiAscend P1 U9202LSmartphonedown
LGNexus 4 E960Smartphonedown
LGOptimus G E975Smartphonedown
LGOptimus L9 P760Smartphonedown
LGP895 Optimus VuSmartphonedown
LGOptimus 4X HD P880 - X3Smartphonedown
LGOptimus L5 E610 - X3Smartphonedown
LGOptimus L7 P7000Smartphonedown
LGOptimus G ProSmartphoneup
LGNexus 5 - HammerheadSmartphonedown
MotorolaRAZR i XT890Smartphonedown
MotorolaMoto G - XT939G - DVXSmartphonedown
OrangeAZ210B (Intel Inside) - San Diego - Santa ClaraSmartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy Nexus i9250 - Google Nexus 3Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy S III - Galaxy S3 i9300Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy S DuosSmartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy Note N7000 - i9220Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy Express i8730Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy S III Mini - GT- i8190Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy Note II N7100Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy Note 3 N9005Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy S Advance i9070PSmartphonedown
SamsungS4 mini 4Smartphonedown
SamsungS4 gt i9505Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy S4 Active i9295Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy Trend s7560Smartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy Core Duos i8262 arubaslimSmartphonedown
SamsungGalaxy S4 Zoom aSM-C101-SM-C1010 - mprojectt3gCameradown
SonyXperia U ST25i - KumquatSmartphonedown
SonyXperia Z C6603 - C6602Smartphonedown
SonyXperia T LT30p - The Bond Phone - Mint RitaSmartphonedown
SonyXperia S LT26i - Arc HD - NozomiSmartphonedown
SonyXperia Ray Urushi - ST18iSmartphoneup
SonyXperia Z1Smartphonedown
WikoCink FiveSmartphoneup
WikoCink FiveSmartphoneup
KurioTouch 4sTabletdown
KurioTouch 7sTabletdown

*Deactivate Dolby Sistem