Welcome to the FAQ Section.

FOR iOS 7 USERS: Warning, if you have just installed iOS 7 and the app has stopped working, check this setting: Settings.app -> Privacy -> Microphone -> APPen must be set to YES.

What's APPen?
Appen is the new digital pen for tablets and smartphones. Designed for children, it allows them to: draw, colour, learn letters and numbers and to play in many different ways.

Where can I buy APPen
You can find APPen in the best toy shops, hypermarkets, supermarkets and in the best electronic shops.

How does APPen work?
It works through the audio input connection of the tablet or smartphone. The interaction with the audio system of the application allows for the magic effect of the line which changes thickness according to the pressure applied on the pen.

Does the pen need batteries?
No, it does not work with batteries.

Why is Appen equipped with a cap?
It's a protective cap. We strongly suggest always using it when storing the pen in order to avoid damages.

What is the button on the pen?
The pen works with an audio signal coming and going back from/to the app. This is achieved through the audio jack connection. Some devices use different standards of jacks and the button is needed to change this standard. To understand which is the right button position for your device please check on the website or follow the instructions in the calibration process. This process must only be done the first time you use APPen.

What devices are compatible with APPen?
APPen works with all IOS devices and for Android devices of version 4 or higher. For the full list of compatible devices with the above mentioned software features please visit this web page.

Why is it necessary to calibrate the pen?
This activity is only needed the first time you use APPen. It is necessary to adjust your Appen so that all features work on your device.

What are the calibrations steps?
Follow these steps:
A. We suggest you exit all of the other applications while using Appen’s app. This helps better exploit all of the features.
B. Push down the button on your pen
C. Connect the pen
D. Press down the pen’s nib
E. Your pen is ready to play with

Audio Level
The Calibration process will automatically ask for the audio level to be set at maximum. Make sure that it is set at maximum, expecially for Android devices. Lower audio levels could cause problems with the Pen's calibration.

What to do if the calibration fails
Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. If it doesn’t still work, try to:
a. Verify if your device appears in the list of compatible devices you can find on this web page.
b. Move the button on the pen to the up position and proceed again with the calibration
c. Raise the audio to the maximum level
d. If it still does not work, please request assistance on this web page.

What to do if the pen loses its pressure sensitivity?
It is necessary to proceed with the calibration again.

If the Calibration fails make sure you have followed every step correctly. If this still does not work, try to:
1) Push the Pen button up
2) Set the audio level on your device to maximum

The pen does not work properly?
Check that the pen is securely tightened, it may be that by using the nib come loose and this could create a malfunction. The pen’s line thickness changes depending on the audio signal coming from and going back to the app. A low battery level could affect this function.

Can I Create a Personal Account?
You can create a separate account for each child. Depending on their age, the app will unlock appropriate contents, which have been studied with the help of our consultants and educational experts.

What are the available profiles that can be linked to the account?
There are two main profiles:
a. For children younger than 5 years old
b. For children over 5 years old.
The graphics, tools, games and many other components differentiate based upon the two age ranges.

Can I create an account even if I do not own a pen?
The account creation is reserved for children who own a pen or for those who have unlocked this function in the store.

How can I create an account?
Go to the Home Page of the app and select the Account button.

What can I do with a personal account?
You can customize your app choosing between several skins, you can choose your Avatar and have direct access to your drawer.

How can I access the contents?
Open the drawer by pushing the button in the bottom left corner.

What contents are available?
You can draw, colour and learn letters, numbers and shapes. You can also play with the Scratch and Guess or with the racing game using the pen as a joystick. Appen is thought to be used immediately after downloading it. To access the full Appen experience you should connect it trough the audio's jack. Additional content will be added over time in order to ensure the Appen experience lasts forever.

Which are the benefits of the pen?
If you own a pen or if you have purchased the contents in the store, you can:
a. Draw and vary the thickness of the lines
b. Utilize all the design features
c. Share your drawings
d. Play Scratch and Guess with many images
e. Complete the Learning section

Where are the Drawing tools?
Select the drawing icon and scroll through the drawer. You'll find all of the tools you need to draw.

If I make a mistake in my drawing, can I get back to the last activity made?
Yes, hit the UNDO button on the frame of the app.

How can I use the stickers?
Scroll through the drawer, select the Stickers icon and choose your sticker. To fix them or to delete them from your work just press down on them and click on the menu. Use your fingers to rotate or resize them.

How can I lock/unlock a sticker on the drawing?
Hit the lock-shaped button which will appear when you click on the sticker.

How can I remove a sticker from the drawing?
Hit the X-shaped red button which will appear when you click on the sticker.

How can I replay the animation of a sticker?
Hit the blue button which will appear when you press the sticker.

How can I go back to the previous level of the drawer?
You can get back by clicking on the back arrow in the top left of the drawer.

How can I save my drawings?
Open the drawer and hit the yellow, folder shaped, icon.

Can I share my drawings?
You can share them on Facebook, Twitter or via mail just by clicking on the respective icons.

How can I access my saved drawings?
Go to the backgrounds drawer and select the first image.

How can I use a photo as a background?
Go to the Backgrounds drawer and select the second image.

How does the Scratch and Guess game work?
Scratch and Guess is a game where you have to discover the image you are scratching and match it to the correct answer. You have a power limit, the more you push and scratch with the pen, the more power you use.

How does the Colouring in tool work?
There are three different levels of difficulty you can select with the lever:
1) Put the Pen in the area you want to colour in and simply press the pen down anywhere in that area
2) Colour in the area of the drawing you want - you won't be able to go outside of the lines
3) Freehand colouring in - you will be able to go outside of the lines

How can I cancel a drawing?
You can cancel just by selecting another drawing or by quitting the Colouring area.

How does the "learning letters" area work?
It teaches you to learn the letters in your aphabet. Connect the dots which appear on the letter to draw it correctly. Once you have completed the letter, the corresponding sticker will be unleashed.

Why are there two levels for "Learning Letters"?
There are two difficulty levels.
1. The first one, for beginners, has bigger letters and less chance to make a mistake.
2. The second one has smaller letters and requires children to remain within the borders of that letter.

Record the name of the sticker.
The 'Learning Letter' section gives you the opportunity to record the name of the stickers once you have completed the letter. To record, you have to disconnect the pen from the device and hit the microphone shaped button. Reconnect the pen to continue playing. The system saves your recordings in the internal memory. This means that you'll only have to record it once, unless you want to modify your recording.

How do the numbers games work?
For children over 5 years of age, there are two activities:
A) In the first game the child is presented with a circle containing a number of objects. They must select the button with the number that corresponds to the number of objects present in the circle.
B) In the second game, the child is presented with two circles, each containing a different number of objects. They must select the circle that corresponds to the number presented

How does the Shape Game work?
This game is for children under 5 years old. A series of images appear on the screen and children will have to match each of them to the corresponding shape on the bottom of the screen.